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Hi there!
I am Sarah Nell - and I'm a maker of many things.

Get it? Sarah the Maker… Clever, I know.
Welcome to my journey! I’ve done many things in my life, and made some remarkable career moves- I’ve owned a couple advertising, UX, design and web agencies, I’ve worked as a Head of Design / VP of design, built from scratch high functioning UX and design departments for startups & Fortune 50 companies and organizations- I’ve designed a project for DARPA for cyber defense being used today… I’ve designed and continue to design all kinds of things (including this site). I’ve even been an infamous DJ and music producer who took time off of college to tour on the Vans Warped Tour back in 2000. I’m one of the only people who I know that’s met 2PAC or who’s mom knows Shock G / Humpty from Digital Underground. I’m also into something called designing your life.

For our purposes here, being an aficionado on many subjects, such as cryptocurrency, design, marketing, lifestyle, coaching, wellness, my goals and sole purpose for this site is to HELP others learn by providing you with knowledge, resources, how-to videos, tips, ebooks, and links to the things that I’ve found improve MY life, or save me time, and talk about how I’ve designed by life so I can share them with you!

Some areas of the site are affiliate links and any that are will be clearly identified as such at the bottom of the page (to help pay for the site). If it doesn’t have that, then its not affiliate marketing related.

I want you to know I wouldn’t ever indorse or share anything that I didn’t LOVE and or use myself. I’m not getting rich off of them I promise you that, but ask that you please help support this project so give them a click or a try, and…
 I couldn’t do this without YOU.


Sarah the maker photo skiing
Awards & Recognitions
Sarah is seriously one of my most favorite people and mentors. She's helped me in so many ways throughout my career - She gave me a chance when no one else would. I'll follow her anywhere.
Julia Keys
Sr. UX Designer

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