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Case Study: Corpay Rebrand and Dashboard Redesign

Nvoicepay, a fintech company I worked for was acquired by Fleetcor in 2019. We merged with 4 other companies under the Corpay line of business, and underwent a rebrand effort. AP Gateway was built by developers eight years ago, no product design team was present. It was much overdue for an update, and not mobile friendly. While the design worked for customers at the time, our solutions had evolved, and we needed to communicate that we empathize with our customers and listened to their feedback. Customers needs expanded, and many feature sets were added for larger customers, and customers requiring more complex solutions. We added new features such as messaging and alerts, mobile batch payment approval, and self-service user management tools – features that customers have an expectation for and are found on most platforms.






  1. Improve the current interface and make it user friendly.
  2. Target dashboards directly to customers through Power BI.
  3. Use the Corpay branding guidelines to come up with a modern and clean look and feel.
  4. Add notifications to header, to communicate processes with our customers.
  5. Solve for less clicks when drilling down into batch payment information.
  6. Create a lightweight UI that doesn’t overload search queries, and add filtering.

    Mural feedback
    Feedback sessions with customers in Mural


First, we reached out to sales and customer success departments who speak with customers regularly. Then captured new feature requests and current needs. After interviewing customers directly, we found that we can import dashboard data with Power BI, and please our customers with more targeted dashboards. We collected user feedback, and used Mural to capture internal feedback on our dashboard, and header, gaining valuable insights. We found that employees loved using Mural to give feedback, and collected more data with this tool. We used UserTesting.com to gather more data. Then, re-tested updated prototypes with our customers, and found they were really excited about our new solutions. Finally we handed off design files in Zeplin to development, and created user stories to fit front end work into sprints.


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