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Interview Presentations and Case Studies

I came across a couple of presentations I prepared for past roles I interviewed for from a few years back, after leaving Corpay in 2021 I believe. I found these post worthy because, often in interview scenarios, after making it through to the end, some of the larger companies for leadership roles, want you to present- and this is an area that I’ve found myself doing in design leadership, more so than hands on design work. I find it somewhat comical that even if you make it to the top as  a designer, you find yourself using tools such as google slides, or powerpoint where you’re spending most of your time to work in. I enjoy presenting fortunately.
None the less, these were successful at their time in making it to the “end”- resulting in either an offer or considered a final candidate.
Since things are ever changing, i think I’d add to them, edit, or do them a bit differently. One had a tough time constraint- you couldn’t finish too early or late. One piece of feedback I got was, “Wow, nobody finished it with 30 seconds left – well timed!”
I used a robot theme because I figured it was a rare opportunity to not use a typical branded deck and wanted to stand out. It got a “we loved the robots!” so I was glad about that.

The idea behind each is to present one or two projects, speak for 30 minutes about your design process, then usually get some open panel Q & A time. I’m including some screens, and PDF download links to view more.


hello from sarah

Presentation Agenda

dashboard redesign

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