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KVH: Mobile App for Yacht Satellites

In 2014, I designed a mobile satellite app for installing and managing large vessels and yachts sat system, including an offering for service workers to install and configure. I used a design thinking approach and conducted interviews with satellite installers and yacht owners, then built a prototype which we tested with users. We used a mobile first approach, the process and stages are captured below. I knew it would be challenging having one app for technical and non technical user types- we included help inside of the app for all user types as some of the functionality was highly technical.
The remote style menu was a hit with all user types, and the visual aide with the satellite location similar to a compass helped all users to understand coordinates and how they affect the system functionality.


Early Wireframes & App Flow

Visual Design – Concepts

The original app was implemented, and KVH’s systems are widely used for a variety of applications today.


“This app makes installing these systems fun! I love showing it to the owners so they can see where the sat is on their iPhones.

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