Unified Platform

Nvoicepay was merging with 5 other company’s that it’s parent company, Fleetcor had purchased in 2019. A team was designated to create one unified platform for each company to utilize in order to bring together a cohesive design experience for the customer, with access to all of the solutions and services each company offered. This large project spanning several years, required some early wireframes and prototypes to communicate it’s intent to get funding.


Create a proof of concept platform / dashboard design for our founder to get funding for a team, that can be integrated with all other lines of business. It should manage payments, corporate cards, transactions, customers – be more aesthetically appealing and easier to use than all of the competing products.


Create wireframes, get feedback, then visual designs. This should be a fairly quick project. 



Two years later, this project had a dedicated team of developers working on it, and is the underlying platform for the majority of Corpay and Fleetcor applications.



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