Leading UX, Product and Engineering teams to success by delivering impactful and highly usable customer experiences.

UX Design
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My journey began studying Graphic Design learning the magic of Photoshop at San Francisco State where I learned to code- and haven’t stopped since. I’ve built seven design departments from the ground up from startups to enterprise organizations, specializing in SaaS, B2B, and even some B2C software and web applications. I’ve evangelized UX, led cross-collaborative efforts at Disney, Marvel & Fleetcor to solve organization-wide challenges, focusing on creating inclusive, highly usable customer experiences. I’ve also designed and presented a winning cyber defense solution at DARPA Headquarters. I consult in UX, software design, leadership & all areas of Product Development, earning credentials in Agile, Product Management, HCI, Front-End Development, ServiceNow, and DEX to name a few. So please kick back, relax, and enjoy some work samples on me. 


This is a fairly new portfolio – I’m still pushing pixels here and there, migrating projects from The Barbary Co, which is ready for it’s own redesign. Some of the work there is older, but more than happy to share upon request. I’m very much open to feedback!

Websites and Applications

Each of these are sites I’ve either designed, developed (coded) – the majority is both. If you have questions about which areas just ask!

What People Say

Sarah is seriously one of my most favorite mentors. She gave me a chance when I was first getting started. I'd follow her anywhere.
Shari Buckman
Manager of Product Design
Thanks to you, I have a great design career ahead! I've learned so much by watching you work- thank you for sharing your gifts!
Larry Hikalea
Sr. Ux Designer
Sarah is a pleasure to work with. If you get a chance to work with her, you won't be disappointed.
Don Dornblaser
VP of Engineering and Product

Kind words from friends, clients, and colleagues....

A few years back I posted on my social network a request to say a few words about me. I was asked to create a presentation for a role I really wanted, and this is what I got…

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