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Case Study: Admin Portal Redesign

The Corpay Operations department needed an Admin Portal to handle all of their day to day tasks, and the old Admin Portal was built on Silverlight technology that Microsoft is no longer supporting. We were tasked with creating a new system, and migrating each task our internal users need to complete one user role at a time to a new platform, Ops Toolkit. We used a role based approach to migrate each user off of Admin Portal and on to the new “Ops Toolkit”.

We interviewed and used “Fly on the Wall” observation to get an idea of the team’s pain points. We recorded and socialized them as well so that our devs and leadership could review at any time.



  • Help onboard vendors for new customers and automate as much of the workflow and allow customers to self serve.
  • Save our CS team time and reduce frustration with a system that works and is intuitive
  • Create tools specialized for each user role type
  • Reduce query time on database


Personas and User Journey maps are key when using the Design Thinking Process. Research is conducted and the result is creating these tools to communicate the research and empathy for the user to stakeholders, product managers, and engineers. Here are some examples of that process.

personas user journey maps
personas user journey mapsp

personas user journey maps personas user journey maps personas user journey maps

personas user journey maps
personas user journey maps
personas user journey maps
personas user journey maps

Internal teams needed a platform to issue and manage customer’s virtual payment cards, and one-off payments referred to as ghost cards. The platform needed to run on Blazor technology. The old UI was created by developers, but didn’t function well and wasn’t intuitive to users. We conducted much needed research, built a clickable prototype, and conducted usability sessions to create the Ghost Card platform.

personas user journey maps


Our customer success team needed to automate the enrollment forms for customers. We created smart vendor enrollment forms to replace 7 different types of forms a customer service agent would need to enter manually. We redesigned these forms by asking the vendor questions to supply the vendor with the correct form, which then saved to the Vendor’s record and information in the Admin Portal. We saved the Operations department thousands of hours each year by automating this process, and customers were able to get paid immediately.


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